As part of our photographic excursion to Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, which is part of the region known as Patagonia, we visited Glacier Grey. 

This was our  dawn to a wonderful new day. This is Lake Grey with Glacier Grey just visible in the upper left of the photo. 

Where is Glacier Grey? We're in the southern ice fields of Chile, part of Patagonia, in Torres Del Paine National Park. You can see Glacier Grey on this Google map and I've also pinpointed our lodge on Lake Pehoe (pronounced "payday"). 

To reach the glacier we took a short bus ride and then hiked through the woods to reach the boat that would take us close to the glacier.

As we neared the water we could see an iceberg floating in the lake.

We walked across a sand dune that was frosted from the cool air the night before. 

We took a 45-minute boat ride to reach the face of the glacier. 

And here we are at the terminus of the magnificent Glacier Grey. It seems like it should have a more majestic name than Glacier Grey, like "Glaciere Magnifico." Now click on the triangle in the next photo to watch Julie's video showing the scope of this glacier. 

This perspective, provided by Google Earth, will help you appreciate the size of this massive glacier. 

The ice you see here may be up to 200 years old. It's color is blue because the oxygen has been squeezed out of it from the compression of the glacier. 

Glacier Grey advances about 2 feet per day. It is receding faster than the snow falling each year to replenish it. 

Glacier Grey is 15 kilometers long and has two arms. The one to the far left is 1.2 kilometers wide and the one adjacent to it is 3.6 kilometers wide. The far right arm apparently is not considered.  

Here's a closer view of Glacier Grey taken from Google Earth. 

Here's Julie celebrating our visit to Glacier Grey. Everyone else is busy photographing this beautiful place. 

As you will know we are losing these beautiful glaciers all over the world because of global warming. 

After several passes of the right and left arms of Glacier Grey our boat began the return trip when we noticed the unusual cloud formations above the glacier called lenticular clouds. 

One last look at this expansive view of Glacier Grey. 

Here's one of our photo team crossing this swinging bridge as we trekked back to our lodge. It was indeed a beautiful day.