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About Rainer and Julie Martens

Thank you for your

interest in learning

more about us.

We've had wonderful

careers and are

enjoying retirement. 

Ormond Beach, Florida (our home)

Towing the ship in Antarctica

We are passionate about

seeing this beautiful

world, photographing it,

and sharing those photos

with family and friends.

We've traveled throughout

the United States, especially

enjoying the National Parks.

We've also had the good

fortune to travel from the 

Arctic to Antarctica, and

to every continent.

Looking at Mt. Bachelor in Maine

Viewing the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

Being awe-struck by Machu Picchu

Snuggling with a Llama in Peru

Hiking the Amazon jungle

Watching elephants in Botswana

Photographing in the Canadian Rockies

House boating on Lake Powell

Standing on top of Mount Cook in New Zealand

Climbing the Great Wall of China with friend Enyi

Hiking in Iceland

Biking in the Netherlands

Stranded in the "outback" of Australia


After a long career

as an academic and

then a publisher,

Rainer has pursued

photography with a

passion for the past

10 years.

Horseshoe Bend near Page, AZ

Baxter State Park, Maine

Rainer especially enjoys photographing landscapes, wildlife, and travel scenes, but finds all types of photography intriguing. 

Rainer's other passion is sports. He has always played some sport. For the last 12 years he has coached and played for the Florida Legends senior slow pitch softball team. The team is the #1 team in the nation in the 70+ division.  

Rainer earned a bachelor's degree at Emporia State University in 1964 in physical education and played varsity football and baseball. He obtained a master's degree from the University of Montana in 1965 and while earning his degree was an assistant football coach, freshmen baseball coach, and head wrestling coach. It was a busy year. 

University of Montana

University of Illinois

May 1977

Rainer completed his PhD in sport psychology and was a professor at the University of Illinois from 1968 through 1984. During that time he published over 100 research studies and made over 150 scholarly presentations around the world. 

As a sport psychologist Rainer worked with many Olympians and university athletes. He was the sport psychologist for the U.S. Nordic Ski Teams from 1978-1984, accompanying the team to Sarajevo. 

1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics

Human Kinetics, Champaign, Illinois

After hosting a sport psychology conference at the University of Illinois from which no publisher would publish the papers, Rainer started Human Kinetics in 1974. Today Human Kinetics is the world's largest publisher of sport and physical activity books, journals, and online courses. The business is located in Champaign, IL, with offices in Canada, England, and Australia. 

Rainer devoted full-time to publishing from 1984 until he phased down in 2005. He remains president of Human Kinetics, devoting a small portion of his time to the business. He also has an apartment rental business in Kansas, and a hotel and restaurant in St. Augustine, FL that he oversees. The majority of his time, however, is spent photographing our planet and the creatures in it. 

Glacier National Park

Julie and Rainer

Rainer is happily married to Julie (Simon) Martens who shares his joy of travel, softball, and photography. We live in Ormond Beach, Florida, which provides us with ample opportunity to be outdoors biking, swimming, walking, and photographing. 


Julie's passion the last few years is pickleball, an increasingly popular court game. She plays regularly in Daytona Beach Shores and in tournaments around the country. 


A high school and college athlete, Julie received her bachelor's degree from Purdue University in 1971, completed a master's degree at the University of Washington in 1973, and earned her doctorate at the University of Illinois in 1977, all in physical education. Rainer was her doctoral advisor at the University of Illinois in the field of sport psychology. 

Julie testing at the University of Illinois

Presenting at Human Kinetics

Upon completion of her PhD Julie became Human Kinetics's first employee, the publishing company Rainer founded in 1974. Publishing books and journals in the physical activity field, Julie did every job at the company, and with her dedicated work the company grew from 1 employee to over 300, becoming the largest publisher in the world of physical activity resources. Julie retired from HK in 2009, serving then as executive vice-president. 

Rainer's first wife, Marilyn, who helped found HK, passed away in 1991. Rainer and Julie were married in 1992.  Approaching retirement, Julie and Rainer decided to give the company to the employees in the form of an Employee Stock Ownership Program. This photo shows the moment when we announced this news to a packed room of HK employees. 

HK Becomes an ESOP

Celebrating HK's 40th Anniversary in 2014


Pursuing our hobby

A new Masai friend